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RKE – ReefKeeper Elite

The ReefKeeper Elite redefined function and integration for aquarium control systems. From the start, this controller has set the standard for all other controllers on the market in terms of style and design, as well as function. The ReefKeeper Elite, with its 11 button interface, powerful feature set and upgradeable firmware, shows why it’s the …

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RKL – ReefKeeper Lite

The ReefKeeper Lite is a powerful and cost effective aquarium control system. Starting at $129.99, it’s completely flexible and allows you the ability to create a control system that’s as unique as your tank. Whether you’re looking for a variety of programmable outlets or need to monitor multiple parameters, the ReefKeeper Lite can be configured …

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Lifeguard Monitoring System

              click logo for more information   Lifeguard will help you avoid some of the most common issues with aquarium before they end up costing you a lot of time, money and precious livestock. The number one cause of tank failures is temperature spikes/drops.  These can be caused by …

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