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ORP Probe

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will measure the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or REDOX) of your system. It is popular with those who use ozone gas or potassium permanganate as an artificial oxidation agent in fresh or saltwater. Constant monitoring of the ORP is useful in keeping tabs on the overall health of a system, as a drop in ORP often precedes visual or other indications of trouble.


Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer: Digital Aquatics
  • Resolution: 001mV


  • One Male BNC

Physical Details

  • Cable Length: 6 Feet (2 Meters)
  • Probe Body: Dia 1/2″
  • Probe Body: length 6.5″

Package Contents

  • One Digital Aquatics ORP Probe
  • One ORP 400mV Calibration Packet
  • One Suction Cup Mount