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Temperature Probe

The Digital Aquatics temp probe is used with all Digital Aquatics controllers as well as modules. It currently comes in two styles, one with an RJ-11 connection and the other with a Molex connection. The different probe styles function with different system components. Please check to make sure you’re purchasing the correct probe when adding …

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pH Probe

The DA standard grade pH probe kit includes the needed calibration packets to get you started. Standard pH Probe Compatible with all monitors and controllers that use pH probes with the standard BNC connection. Reliable/Cost Effective The Digital Aquatics brand probes have been tested and are proven to be as reliable as all other competitive …

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Salinity Probe

The Digital Aquatics conductivity probe is a new robust design. It allows for good water flow pass the electrode as well as easy cleaning. With a long life the probe should last for many years if cared for and kept clean. Technology The Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with the ability to provide full …

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ORP Probe

will measure the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or REDOX) of your system. It is popular with those who use ozone gas or potassium permanganate as an artificial oxidation agent in fresh or saltwater. Constant monitoring of the ORP is useful in keeping tabs on the overall health of a system, as a drop in ORP often …

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