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The SL2 is a big leap forward with fully (and individually,) isolated ph and salinity ports. On top of that, the Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with full digital temperature compensation built in! This make it easy to calibrate and ideal for testing a variety of tanks. Whether you’re mixing for a water change, monitoring your main system, checking up on a quarantine or frag tank the SL2 with conductivity probe will report a true and accurate value!The SL2 also allows for another temperature probe to be added to the system for redundant monitoring as well as two more switch inputs; great for ATO systems or leak detectors.The DA salinity probe is nearly 30% more cost effective than competitive options and when cared for and kept clean our probe will last for many years. Great quality and value is part of our commitment!
Multiple Inputs
The SL2 has a variety of input ports providing a broad range of monitoring options. It’s a powerful addition to either a ReefKeeper Elite or the ReefKeeper Lite system!
1 x pH port
The pH port on the SL2 is an isolated pH port. This all but eliminates the affect ground loops and system interference when using multiple pH probes. Any standard pH probe with a BNC interface should work with the SL2.
1 x Salinity port
The salinity port uses the DA Salinity probe on this completely isolated port. The SL2 salinity port reports back salinity in PPT.
1 x Temperature Probe port
Digital Aquatics Temperature Probe
2 x Switch ports
The switch ports can be use with float switches or other contact devices to run Auto Top Off (ATO) systems, or trigger other custom events.
The SL2 also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set; and firmware updates are always free!
***Salinity, pH, and Temperature probes sold separately.***
Tech Specs
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Temperature Port
  • pH Port
  • Two Switch Ports
  • Salinity Port
  • Two Bus Ports
Physical Details
  • Physical Dimensions: 1.0″ x 2.25″ x 4.30″
Package Contents
  • One SL2 Unit
  • One 3′ Bus Cable
  • Two Mounting Screws