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The RD1 is able to monitor all inputs and output from your system. This allows you to scroll through and check on the temp, pH, ORP, and more all from a convenient remote location.
Turn individual channels to On/Off/Auto without having to go to your computer or the main head unit. The RD1 will give you access to the outputs of your system for easy manipulation and tank management.
You can also call any of your standbys and put your system into a feed or service mode from the other room. You can also cancel a standby via the RD1 weather it was started with the Remote Display, the main head unit or myReef. This a great if you’re trying to do a quick service or feeding from a second location.
Respond quickly to alarms from either the RD1 or the main head unit. No more having to run into the other room to silence the audible alarm when it’s going off.
How many of you have your service equipment in one room and your display tank in another? The RD1 will allow you to calibrate a new probe or recalibrate an old probe without you having to go back and forth or moving the head unit to accommodate your maintenance
Tech Specs
  • ReefKeeper Elite Compatible: Yes
  • ReefKeeper Lite Compatible: Yes
  • Key Lock: Yes
  • Display: 16 x 2 alpha-numeric
  • Backlight Display: Yes
  • Interface: 5 Button
  • Alarm Interface: Yes
  • Standby Interface: Yes
  • Channel Control: Yes
  • Probe Calibration: Yes
  • Port Value Display: Yes
  • One 6′ Bus Cable (attached)
Physical Details
  • Module Dimensions: 3.9″ x 2.8″ x 0.6″
Package Contents
  • 1 x RD1 module