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The ALC is designed to control LED Ballasts and light fixtures (with a 0-10v inputs). It can also provide advanced options for controlling other AI Sol LED Fixtures.

The ALC can be used to simulate Sunrise and Sunset, by using a customizable ramping feature.

It can accept up to two Lunar Pods for additional lights applications.



  • Bus Port
  • Serial In
  • Aqua Illuminations Control: Six Fixtures Max per ALC



  • Bus Port
  • Serial Out
  • Two Lunar Pod Ports 0v-10v port A
  • Two 0-10VDC Ports


Physical Dimensions       

  • 1.0″ x 2.25″ x 4.30″


Included Accessories

  • One ALC Module
  • One 3′ Bus Cable
  • One Switch Adapter Kit
  •  The ALC now includes the switch adapter kit. The Switch Adapter Kit is a 6′ cable that you can cut to length to get two individual cables to wire up dimmable ballasts or the Aqua Illuminations LED arrays.
  • Two Mounting Screws


Potential Accessories    

  • Digital Aquatics Lunar Pods