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      The AP1 Module is designed to monitor and report ambient temperature and relative humidity. The AP1 readings can be used to monitor conditions, control Channels or trigger Alarms.     Tech Specs Relative Humidity (RH) Accuracy: +/- 4% Long term drift (5 years): +/- 1% Resolution: 1.0% Range: 10%-90% (accuracy range) 1 …

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        The ALC is designed to control LED Ballasts and light fixtures (with a 0-10v inputs). It can also provide advanced options for controlling other AI Sol LED Fixtures. The ALC can be used to simulate Sunrise and Sunset, by using a customizable ramping feature. It can accept up to two Lunar …

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        The primary purpose for the Advanced Pump Controller (APC) it so control the Tunze brand stream pumps (and DC pumps with the addition of the DCI) . This module allows you to integrate these pumps into your system and control them via your ReefKeeper (Lite or Elite). Storm Mode Integration The APC …

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          The DCI is designed to integrate 2-24v Dc pumps that use round 3 pin connectors into your system.  for use with the Reef Keeper Family, the DCI requires the addition of the APC (Advanced Pump Control).  This interface can also be used on any controller that has 0-10v outputs. ** …

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    The DP1 is a single pump dosing pump, that has adjustable flow from 15ml to 60ml a minute.  The DP1 can be use for dosing or as an auto top-off, and can be configured in a variety of options through your ReefKeeper system. Each DP1 also comes with 2 switch inputs, which can …

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                        The Digital Aquatics Expansion Socket is perfect for expanding your current system, allowing you to use your ReefKeeper to control high current devices such as chillers, and multiple lights on a single channel. You can control up to eight Expansion Sockets with a …

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          The HUB has 5 bus ports for easy expansion when the traditional daisy chain is not an option. 1 x Power Port 9VDC input voltage for providing additional power to your system (purchased separate). Tech Specs LED Status Indicator Connections Five Bus Connections Power port Physical Details Physical Dimensions: 1.0″ …

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          A true 29.53 day lunar cycle simulation which some experts say encourages spawning cycles for many tank inhabitants.Smooth fade-in and fade-out help prevent quick light changes that startle fish. Expandability The MLC comes with 2 white LED pods and can be expanded to 6 (2-LED) pods if needed. You can …

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                  Email Get alerts to your email, cell phone, or PDA System Status Current system data and channel status over the internet, gives you real-time information about what’s going on in your system. RSS feeds Get on going status on your system from the RSS feed from the NET module! …

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          The PB4 has been completely redesigned. Channels 1 and 4 are controlled via mechanical relays, allowing 8 amps of continuous draw each. Channels 2 and 3 are electronically controlled, allowing 3 amps of continuous draw each, and now have snubber circuitry built in to allow these channels to be used …

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          Increased Power Handling The PC1 is useful for controlling those high current devices like chillers and large lighting fixtures. The PC1 can supply up to 15A (10A inductive) to one or more devices. Integration The PC1 is plugged directly into the ReefKeeper system bus and addressed as any other module …

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LED Status Indicators Each channel has it’s own LED status indicator for convenient feed back on its current status. There is also an indicator that will inform you of the PC4s overall state. Mounting/Installation Strong convenient mounting tabs make installation a breeze! Upgradeability The PC4 also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of …

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The RD1 is able to monitor all inputs and output from your system. This allows you to scroll through and check on the temp, pH, ORP, and more all from a convenient remote location. Control Turn individual channels to On/Off/Auto without having to go to your computer or the main head unit. The RD1 will …

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The SL2 is a big leap forward with fully (and individually,) isolated ph and salinity ports. On top of that, the Digital Aquatics salinity probe is equipped with full digital temperature compensation built in! This make it easy to calibrate and ideal for testing a variety of tanks. Whether you’re mixing for a water change, …

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  The SLXs five input ports provide a broad range of monitoring options for all the most common probes. 1 x pH port The pH port is a standard BNC connection. While any standard probe should work, we suggest using Digital Aquatics brand probes as they have been tested and are trusted to work with …

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With four switch input ports you can add another level of automation to your tank/system. Add float switches, leak detectors, ATO systems, and much more!IMPORTANT: Never apply power to the switch inputs. They are designed to simply be shorted together by a contact switch. That is all that’s needed to trigger an event. 1 x …

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the TM4 is a new module that will allow you to connect up to four temp probes to it and access them individually through the RKL, RKE, and HerpKeeper head units. Package Contents: 1 x TM4 module 1 x 3′ Bus cable 1 x iTemp temperature probe (rope style) 1 x FREE – iTemp temperature …

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