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Float Switch Kits

  The DA Float switch kits comes with everything you need to hook up a float switch to your ReefKeeper Elite or ReefKeeper Lite system!  The basic kit is perfect for custom applications, while our kits w/brackets include everything you’ll need to set up any number of safety floats!  Add the safety of a float switch …

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Lunar Pods

We offer a variety of colors in our line of lunar PODs. All PODs can be controlled by either the MLC and ALC modules and can follow either the lunar cycle or a custom timer.The pods can be mixed and matched to give a variety of looks and functions. Pure Lunar White The pure lunar …

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APC Adapter Cable

The APC adapter cable is used with controllable Tunze pumps to be able to add up to an additional 2 pumps.  

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Bus Cable Kit

The bus cables allow the components of the controller “talk” to each other. Come in the following sizes: 1ft, 3ft, 6ft, 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 50ft lengths  

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Switch Adapter Kit

This cable allows you to connect a variety of switch inputs up to your SL1, SL2, or DP1 switch ports. It comes in a 6′ length with a clip on both ends and intended to be cut in two for use, providing up to 2 switch adapters per kit. The Digital Aquatics switch inputs are …

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