Owning and operating a saltwater aquarium is rewarding but can be time consuming. At Digital Aquatics it’s our goal to provide our customers with the tools to help decrease the time needed to manage an aquarium and increase the reward of watching it grow. Whether you’re running a mixed-reef, or a fish only system there are some key components that you need to manage and the ReefKeeper control system is more than up for the job!
Backed by Digital Aquatics and our years of controller experience the ReefKeeper systems have a long track record for reliable continuous operation. As a proactive company we’ve built one of the most dynamic support programs in our industry. We’ve built a huge knowledge base on our support forum, we staff our support phone line as well as timely response via email.
Both ReefKeeper systems can monitor and control temperature, pH, ORP, Salinity for starters. With the use of our other functions you can also control wavemaker pumps, skimmers, lighting, dosing pumps, Auto Top Off (ATO) systems, fans, and much more. You can set up advanced feed/service modes which can improve the quality of your feedings by reducing the amount a wasted food and bio-load on your system all with the simple press of a button!
The ReefKeeper controllers have been designed to maximize the user experience without compromising function. For years ReefKeeper controllers have been helping manage saltwater aquariums with great success! With features like “ReadyFit” functions and our new “EasyFlow” menu system the ReefKeeper line has been the most intuitive line of controllers available. We work hard focusing on our controllers so you don’t have to!
There’s a long list of things that make ReefKeeper controllers a great choice for aquarists of all levels! They range from ease of use to an unparalleled flexibility and freedom. Either ReefKeeper system can be set up in thousands of configurations so building a completely custom system is easy and cost effective. What makes all this possible is the variety of modules you have to choose from with the ReefKeeper. Our systems are capable of controlling simple timed outlets as well as advanced pump and light integrating, remote monitoring and email or TXT alerts. And because our system can be built as you go, you’re able to work into new features as you want and you’re never left with outdated hardware.So whether you’re running dosing pumps, calcium reactors, UV sterilizers, advanced LED lighting, or just a metal halide light, there is a ReefKeeper system that will work for you! Starting at $129.99, you’re sure to not break the bank!