Nov 21

MyReef2.0 update (2.08.83)






The new version is available for download here

This addresses issues some were seeing with driver incompatibility with windows 10.

Mar 28

Archon: New Software and Webpages

small copy





the new update is now available.  this will add the following features:

Clock is now set via geo location – This allows the Archon to use the internet to set the clock, including Daylight savings time, to the units location. There is also a bypass built into the system page.

Added new selection to system page names ‘Additional Companies’ – We will be expanding on this as we work with more manufactures. Currently it will take you directly to EcoSmartLive, in side the Archon, via the EcoTech button.

Added adjustments to Celsius for alarm reporting.

Other small adjustments.

Mar 10


IMG_2230It took some time, but the new Webpage update is finally available. This applies small bug fixes along with adding the graphing back in. Watch for more updates coming on this module.

The Webpage update is avaialbe for download NET-1-0212.bin

Feb 08

Tank rebuild update











Finally got RTV108 layed down this weekend. Now to be patient and let it dry for a few days before trimming it up and going to phase 2, which is installing the euro bracing both top and bottom. After that then I can lay the ‘beauty’ seams and round all the corners nicely. cant wait for this to be done!

Jan 28

tank rebuild started

Follow along as we tear down our current office tank and rebuild it from the ground up.

Office Tank rebuild











Tank Build is getting back on track again. Got a call from the glass company that the glass is in and the measurements are correct (at least they hope they are). Now have to get there to pick it up and start laying silicone this weekend.



Jan 28

Archon wifi update





Owners have been asking for a way to tell what the signal strength for the connected wireless network is. Well, after working on this during the past week, we are ready to start sending this out to be implemented. IT will show the signal strength in a percentage for a more accurate representation. We are also adding the ability to change the wireless network on the System page. With this, it will now show the avaialbe wireless networks in a drop down so you can select one. This will be on both the initial setup page and the system page.

Another new feature being added is the ability to do a factory restore from the system page.
Be looking for the update to come out soon.

Nov 30

Archon update coming soon…

The next update will add a new email feature to the Archon. The unit will be able to email, to the email address in the system, when an update is available for the Archon. This will hopefully help prevent users from falling too far behind.

Nov 06

New updated Archon Manual Rev.3

The new manual for the Archon has been posted under the Archon tab and downloads.  Get your copy now to learn more about all the new features of your Archon

Archon DownloadsArchon Side View shadow

Sep 21

HerpKeeper Pro Manuals


We are starting to add the manuals for the HKP systems to our webpage.  They can be found under downloads -> systems -> HerpKeeper Pro.

Here is a link to the quick start guide

Aug 14
















This update will completely change the way the Archon is updated going forward. This should be the last time the flash drive will need to be pulled out to do an update.

Steps to update:

1 – first go to the system page and update both the hardware and software to the latest versions
2 – completely shut down your system and remove the flash drive
3 – download the new compressed file from
4 – unzip the file and place the included files into the www file on the flash drive
5 – reinstall the flash drive into the Archon and apply power
6 – once your system has booted back up, go to the system page and check for any updates to hardware or software (apply if needed)
7 – once everything is up to date, press the update webpages button and wait 30 seconds.
8 – all your webpages and needed files will now be updated the the latest versions.


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