New 2.0 Firmware
Tech Specs
Peace of Mind
Lifeguard provides you the freedom to enjoy life’s adventures without feeling tethered to your hobby. Whether you’re going to the beach for the weekend or taking a week-long vacation with the family, Lifeguard will stand watch over your aquarium. Knowing that Lifeguard will contact you or someone else at the first sign of trouble is incredible peace of mind!
Protect your Investment
Lifeguard by Digital Aquatics is a completely new product that was built from the ground up to give you peace of mind and keep you connected to your aquarium in a way that’s not been possible before. We started by identifying the main causes of aquarium related problems; temperature, pH and water level. We took those important parameters and built a single device that not only monitors, but can alert you if there’s ever a problem! And we do it in a way that’s never been done before.
How is Lifeguard different?
HTML5 Support
Built using the latest in web technology, Lifeguard utilizes advanced standards like HTML5 and libraries like jQuery to offer a rich user experience.
International Support
Lifeguard will be the first of many products built to be sold around the globe. Language support is planned for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
HTML5 Support
Intuitive Graphs
Graphing in Lifeguard has been built for ease of use and speed. Getting data to you fast without having to dig for it reduces frustration and increases efficiency.
HTML5 Support
Custom Alerts
Sending alerts is nothing new. Where Lifeguard separates from the pack is in sending alerts based on current trends and predictions to allow you to fix a problem before it becomes a catastrophe.
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Temperature Monitoring
Track Temperature
The most common causes of tank failures are temperature spikes and drops. These can be caused by a number of things including heater or chiller failures, under powered heating or cooling systems as well as circulation pump failures. Lifeguard will constantly monitor temperature and alert you at the first sign of trouble helping you avoid complete tank disasters!
pH Monitoring
Watch ph
Another common aquarium issue is pH level shifts. pH levels can be affected by a variety of problems and while your fish can often handle reasonable swings in ph, your most delicate coral cannot! Lifeguard will, again, notify you at the first sign of trouble. This feature is even more important if you’re controlling the pH levels in your aquarium! Lifeguard can send an email if your controller ever fails or an event happens where the controller is no longer able to regulate.
Water level
Monitor Water Level
Lifeguard can send out an email or a text message if the water level in your system changes beyond an acceptable level. Float switches can be connected to detect both drops in water and overflows. This can save both your tank and your home!
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Amazing Performance
Using the latest in 32-bit microprocessor technology, Lifeguard is able to take advantage of amazing processing power to provide critical data and trending analysis at the click of a button, in a way never offered before!
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Enter Simplicity
From the start of this project our focus has been to make Lifeguard a device that anyone can use. Whether you have an advanced control system or simple timers running your aquarium, Lifeguard is a valuable addition! Because Lifeguard operates independently from any other device used by your aquarium it is perfect as a standalone monitoring system or a redundant safeguard against failure.
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More than Monitoring
From the moment you power up Lifeguard you know it’s more than just a monitoring system! With a rich HTML5 web based interface it’s compatible with any personal computer system, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As a standalone product there’s no need for a constant PC connection to get the full-feature performance of the Lifeguard system.
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Updates and Improvements
Our new 2.0 firmware makes Lifeguard an even more powerful tool for monitoring and protecting your aquarium. New 2.0 features include:
Alert emails can now identify which Lifeguard unit sent the email –great for users with multiple Lifeguard units.
Significantly Improved pH and temperature measurement stability throughout the measurement ranges
Greatly improved pH calibration algorithm
Improved alert e-mail hysteresis - this prevents Lifeguard from sending too many e-mail alerts if the measurement value is fluctuating about the trigger points.
Improved long-term graphing performance.
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At Digital Aquatics we spent countless hours going over what our customers expect from an interface. Better yet, we went beyond what our customers expect from an overall product experience. We didn't want to simply make things not complicated, we wanted to guarantee that the customer can have a truly hassle free and rewarding experience every time they use Lifeguard.
Real-time Sensor Data
Sensor values can change quickly if your tank is experiencing a problem. In order to give you the quickest real-time sensor values, Lifeguard updates these values every 2 seconds. Sensor values are reported for temperature, pH and a single switch input.
Advanced Graphing Functionality
Lifeguard incorporates highly interactive graphing that gives the customer the flexibility to visually analyze their systems’ logged data. Whether you are trying to figure out when a temperature spike occurred or looking for the cause of a continually raised pH value, the Lifeguard graphing utility has the features you need.
Quick and Easy Setup
We understand that setting up a product needs to be quick and straight-forward. With this in mind, the setup screens in Lifeguard have been created using intuitive step-by-step instructions offering a clear and concise procedure to configure your system.
24 Hour Quick Data
In most types of aquariums, it’s not a brief spike that indicates a problem, it’s a sensor value that is consistently out of your optimal range. Lifeguard incorporates a 24 hour short term graph as well as a 24 hour average value for both temperature and pH to give you exactly the kind of data required to see these types of trends.
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Breakthrough Design
From start to finish, every little detail of the Lifeguard system has been meticulously review and reworked until we got it just right. From the beautifully simple interface to the exacting design of the enclosure you’ll know that Lifeguard is not just another generic aquarium product, it’s a work of art!
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Single Button Interface
A single button interface allows for quick and trouble free navigation through key Lifeguard data. The Lifeguard display will show the current date and time, the current values for pH and Temp as well as IP address for fast network configuration.
Discrete Connections
The connections on the Lifeguard system have been slightly tucked under the bottom of the aluminum enclosure. This gives a more streamlined feeling and allows for quick and easy cable management. As usual, lifeguard uses the industry standard BNC type pH probe connector.
Aluminum Enclosure
A lot of attention and engineering was put into the Lifeguard enclosure. We wanted the detail and quality on the outside to reflect the level of detail and quality we put on the inside. Using high-quality aluminum for the enclosure it was built to our exact specifications. We continued that attention to detail with a beautiful anodized finish and crisp laser etched printing. Be assured that Lifeguard's attention to detail is more than skin deep!
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Size and Weight
     Height: 3.55" (89mm)
     Width: 3.60" (90mm)
     Depth: 1.00" (25mm)
     Weight: 6.1 ounces (173g)
     Wired 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
     Built-in dedicated web server
     SSL E-mail support for secure alert transmission
     16x2 Alphanumeric screen with a white back light and black characters.
     High contrast for improved readability
     80Mhz, 32bit, 1.56 DMIPS/MHz Embedded Processor
     4MB, 86Mhz Flash Memory
Data Calculations and Graphing
     2 week data logs for Temperature
     2 week data logs for pH
     5 minute logging interval
     Calculated min, max, average and current trend

     6VDC Power Adapter
     Internal battery for clock retention
     Less than 2.4W of power consumption
     Temperature Port
Precision: 0.1°F
Accuracy*: ±1.0°F
Range: 60°F to 100°F
     pH Port
Precision: 0.01 pH
Accuracy*: ±0.10 pH
Range: 3.00 pH to 11.00 pH
     Advanced Switch Port
     Power Adapter
* Accuracies determined after calibration with proper solution and Digital Aquatics brand probes. Other brand pH probes will differ in overall accuracy.
Website Technology
     Utilizes HTML5 and jQuery for a superior intuitive interface.
     HTTPS and SSL support
     Multiple Language support to come.
     Smartphone compatible graphs.
     SNTP support for Internet time synching.
System Requirements
     Modern web browser supporting HTML5 functionality
Internet Explorer 9.0+
Firefox 11.0+
Google Chrome 19.0+
Safari 5.1+
     Internet connection in order to register the product and use       email alerts.
Included Items
     1 x Lifeguard
     1 x Temperature probe
     1 x pH probe
     1 x 7pH Calibration packet
     1 x 10pH Calibration packet
     1 x Power Adapter
     1 x 5' Ethernet cable
     1 x Quick start guide
Limited Warranty and Service
Lifeguard comes with a two-year limited warranty against manufacture defect. For more information, visit Digital Aquatics support. Phone and email support are offered on all Digital Aquatics products throughout the warranty period free of charge.
Looking for the user guide? Find everything you need to get filled in on Lifeguard usage and setup.
Quick Start
Updated: 10/26/2012
User Guide
Updated: 12/4/2012
Looking for the user guide? Find everything you need to get filled in on Lifeguard usage and setup.
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