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The ALC is designed to control LED Ballasts and light fixtures. It can also provide advanced options for controlling other AI Sol LED Fixtures.

The ALC can be used to simulate Sunrise and Sunset, by using a customizable Ramping feature.

It can accept up to two Lunar Pods for additional lights applications.




  • Bus Port
  • Serial In
  • Aqua Illuminations Control: Six Fixtures Max per ALC



  • Bus Port
  • Serial Out
  • Two Lunar Pod Ports 0v-10v port A
  • Two 0-10VDC Ports


Physical Dimensions       

  • 1.0″ x 2.25″ x 4.30″


Included Accessories

  • One ALC Module
  • One 3′ Bus Cable
  • One Switch Adapter Kit

The ALC now includes the switch adapter kit. The Switch Adapter Kit is a 6′ cable that you can cut to length to get two individual cables to wire up dimmable ballasts or the Aqua Illuminations LED arrays.

  • Two Mounting Screws


Potential Accessories    

  • Digital Aquatics Lunar Pods